Shooting Experiences

You’ve never (or hardly ever) shot a gun before? You want to at least try it out? You’ve found the right place. East Zion Shooting Experiences specializes in providing a safe and fun place to try shooting under careful supervision. I supply everything you need for a great time!

If you’re ready to shoot right now, I can often be ready to take you within 30 minutes, or I can make you a reservation for several days or weeks in the future.

Sample Experiences

These are a few possible experiences you can consider as you make your plans. Each experience is fully customized to meet your interests. I bring all of my available firearms, and each individual shooter will get to choose what he or she wants to shoot while we’re at the range. We can mix old and new, small caliber and large guns, handguns, rifles, shotgun, and muzzleloaders!

Experiences rates are all booked based on time, and can be customized to fit your time and money budget. Experiences start at $175 for the first hour, then $55 for each additional half hour, with a small upcharge for larger groups.

Cowboy Shooting

Shoot the guns you grew up watching the cowboys shoot in the movies! Start on a bolt-action .22lr to learn the basics, then shoot a lever-action carbine (seen above), a couple of revolvers, a hunting rifle, and a shotgun!

Modern Firearms

You’ve seen these guns in the hands of modern police, military, and sporting shooters: semiautomatic pistols, military-style semiautomatic rifle (AR-15, seen above), pump action shotgun, and modern scoped hunting rifle (seen below). Now it’s your turn!


Start with a small-caliber, low recoil .22 rifle to get a feel for how to handle and shoot a gun. Then, you’ll get to try several different styles of rifles, including lever action, semi-automatic, bolt action, and even an old-fashioned muzzleloader!


Start with a small-caliber, low recoil cowboy-style revolver to learn the basics of how to hold, aim, and shoot a handgun. Move up to a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol after you’ve got the hang of it. If you desire, you can choose to try out a larger-caliber pistol for a modern handgun experience or a larger-caliber revolver for a cowboy experience.

Defensive Handgun


This is a more specialized kind of experience, geared towards individuals wanting to learn the use of a handgun in a defensive context. This is a much more focused experience, using only a couple of handguns but learning to use them more extensively. As this deals with more mature shooting discussions, it is limited to adult shooters.

Muzzleloader Rifle

Try several shots with this 1840s-style .50-caliber muzzleloader. You’ll load it, shoot it, and clean it, just like they used to!

*If you have a bad shoulder, you should not choose this option, as the gun’s recoil can be quite severe.


A shotgun is most commonly used to shoot at moving targets. After a little practice shooting at a stationary target, you’ll get to try your hand at shooting sporting clays (small flying disc targets) to see how you do! You can choose from a double-barreled over/under break-action 20 gauge or a heavier-hitting 12-gauge pump action.


Ages 6-10

A youth-sized BB gun is a great way for younger children to learn how to shoot. I have BB guns available in several sizes so even young kids can take part in the Shooting Experience.


Want to try a little of each gun type instead of an in-depth experience on just one? No problem! Every experience is customized to the interests of the participants right there at the shooting range.

Book now to reserve your experience today!

NOTE: All shooters must sign a Release and Waiver form. Shooters must NOT be convicted felons and must NOT have consumed any alcohol or other substance that can impair judgement within 12 hours of the shooting experience. All minors (under age 18) must have a waiver signed by his/her parent/guardian.

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