Book an Experience

Because each experience is highly customized, I do not book online. To book an experience, contact me directly:

Text Message or Phone: 801.310.7116

During the summer and on Saturdays year-round, I can often take you shooting within an hour of your phone call or text, depending on availability.

I’m always closed on Sundays. Please contact me for complete details.


If you wish to book a reservation in advance, a paid reservation may be required. Contact me for details.

If you need help planning your itinerary while in our area, please contact me. I have found that many problems can be avoided by simply asking how long different activities may take (especially in the National Parks). I want to help you have an outstanding trip in our beautiful part of the world!

Please know that cell coverage can be limited in this area. Text messaging works best. Please leave a message if I don’t answer immediately, and please be patient if I don’t respond to a message right away. I can usually get back to you within an hour.

As all shooting is done outdoors, it may become necessary to cancel or reschedule an experience, possibly on short notice (the weather here changes rapidly sometimes, especially in the afternoons). Paid reservations will only be refunded for last-minute weather-related cancellations.

Safety Violation Policy

All shooters must sign a Release and Waiver form. Shooters must NOT be convicted felons and must NOT have consumed any alcohol or other substance that can impair judgement within 12 hours of the shooting experience. Minors (under age 18) must have a waiver signed by his/her parent/guardian.

Safety is the most important aspect of the experience. If at any time a participant acts in an unsafe manner or fails to follow the guide’s instructions, the participant’s experience will be terminated immediately and no refund will be given. 

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