Youth Groups and Family Reunions

What’s more fun than shooting with a group of family or friends? Not much!

My group shooting program is for groups wanting to try just a little shooting each, rather than the in-depth experiences I normally offer. Each shooter will get a chance to shoot 10-15 shots on a gun of your choice: BB Gun (age 6+), Rifle (age 10+), Shotgun (age 12+), or Pistol (age 14+). See the Experience Types page for general descriptions of each gun type.

If your group has mixed ages, I can mix and match depending on age and desire.

Older youth groups particularly enjoy skeet shooting with shotguns, as it’s a fast-moving, exciting, and competitive activity.

Arrangements and pricing for Group Shoots is customized to the group’s arrangement, and starts at $20 per participant. My goal is to find a solution that works for your timeline and your budget. Please contact me for details.

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