My experiences are all set up based on time (not on participants or shots fired). This allows you to customize your experience to your time and budget situation. There is a one-hour minimum.

For groups of 1-4 persons:

First Hour: $175 per session (not per person)

Each additional half hour: $55

For groups of 5 or more:

Add $10 per person beyond 4 for the first hour, and $5 for each additional half hour

Your time begins when we get to the range, which is usually about 15 minutes after your scheduled time (paperwork, driving to the range, etc.).

Generally, 60 minutes is enough time for two people to shoot 3 guns each. I have found that most groups of 2 usually like to shoot for about 90 minutes and usually get to shoot at least 4 guns. For groups of 4, two hours is typical. If you have five or more shooters, please visit my Group Experience page.

We will meet at my home, then travel to the shooting range together. Once there, all shooters will receive instruction at the beginning of the experience, then take turns shooting.


I can do advance reservations, but may require a deposit. Please contact me for details.

A common cause of missed appointments is over-planning of the day. I would suggest contacting me about your itinerary as you are making your plans for your time in our area. Travel times (especially in the National Parks) are often longer than you might expect. I’m happy to provide you with some local knowledge and help you plan your time here.


Payment will be taken right at your experience. Cash and major credit cards are accepted. Reservations will be made using a credit card.

Safety Violation Policy

All shooters must sign a Release and Waiver form. Shooters must NOT be convicted felons and must NOT have consumed any alcohol or other substance that can impair judgement within 12 hours of the shooting experience. Minors (under age 18) must have a waiver signed by his/her parent/guardian.

Safety is the most important aspect of the experience. If at any time a participant acts in an unsafe manner or fails to follow the guide’s instructions, the participant’s experience will be terminated immediately and no refund will be given. 

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